Take Engagements to the Next Level

Mobile conversational data capture through interactive chatbots.

What We Do

We assist brands by conveying customized chat experiences to your mobile audience at event activations.

Touch Free Activations with Social Distancing

Show that your brand is responsible and does its part in resolving the health crisis.

Employee Health

By avoiding the exchange of a common devide for form/quesionnaire input you reduce the chances of passing germs and viruses to your brand ambassadors.

Customer Health

Customers will use their own cell phones to answer the questions in a relaxed conversation. There is no time pressure and they can step away to a safe social distance while doing so.

Be part of the solution

By employing a solution that allows for social distancing and avoids touching shared services your brand will show responsibility and awareness.

Laid Back and Convenient

Instead of forcing customers to hurriedly fill out daunting forms on a shared iPad, they can answer questions on their own device, at their own pace, in a convenient, familiar interface.

Conversations Instead of Forms

The conversational interface provides convenient, familiar, natural and stress free way to acquire information. Filling out a form is daunting and boring.

Never lose customers again

Customers can answer the questions at their own pace on their own device, instead of being rushed to use a shared iPad. They do not have to wait, and possibly, walk away.

Show that your brand is easy to deal with

By providing an easy, hassle free, familiar and convenient way to interact with your brand, the first impression of your customers will be that you are easy to deal with. And first impressions do matter.