Gain Solid Trust in Your Spreadsheets While Saving Time

Eliminate costly mistakes and garner confidence in your Excel and Google spreadsheets by auditing and validating using powerful troubleshooting tools in mere minutes, not hours.

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750M+ / 2B

More than 750M people use Excel, more than 2B use Google Docs, which includes Sheets.


Percentage of Excel spreadsheets having errors.


The losses from just one incorrect spreadsheet - London Whale incident.

> 1.5 Hours

The average time it takes to fully audit a spreadsheet with 100 formulas.

Whenever you work with complex spreadsheets you can benefit from

Powerful Troubleshooting Tools for Spreadsheets

Review Structure and Dependencies

Blocks and structure

Identify structures in the spreadsheet like headers, sub-headers, pivoted data, lists, sort order, one-to many relationships, totals and subtotals.

Data Flow

Visualize the information flow between cells, structures, tables, individual sheets, workbooks/files/documents and external sources.

Inconsistent Structures and Regions

Visualize inconsistent formulas and broken regions when formulas do not match the rest of the structure.

Copies of a Structure

Identify similar/copied structures and detect inconsistencies between multiple copies of a structure.

Copies of a Structure

Identify similar/copied structures and detect inconsistencies between multiple copies of a structure.

Suspicious Patterns

Issue warnings about patterns that are often invalid, while not outright errors, and hidden data. Identify unused branches in conditional statements and formulas.

Named Ranges

Recognize and display named ranges, match them against identified structures and suggest creation of new named ranges.

Sequence Abnormalities

Identify sequences in dates and numbers and sort order of values, warn about skipped values or abnormal values.

View Formula Details

Improve readability

Expand and pretty-print formulas for improved readability, provide in situ comments for cell values indicating the source cells used as parameters in functions.

Display values

Evaluate the formulas and operators and calculate and display the intermediate values. Show 'dead' branches that are not affecting the result of the calculation.

Source Data References

Connect cell references to cells/areas with source data and indicate when the references are to blank cells, or cells outside of detected structures.

Detect Common Problems

Warns about: Currency formatting; Text format applied to numeric values; Circular references; Sums including subtotals; Using hard-coded constants in formulas;

Comparison and Change Tracking

Different Spreadsheets

Compare different versions/copies of the same spreadsheet, or spreadsheets different altogether.


Establish a 'template' for spreadsheet structure and compare various spreadsheets for adherence to the template.

Record Changes

Record chronological changes to spreadsheets and 'play back' previous versions of the content and the structure.

Warnings and Alerts

Set up warnings to be issued when certain cells or structures have changed and send alerts by mail.

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