Virtual Front Desk Assistants

by machine Acuity

Decrease work interruptions by having routine requests, handled on your behalf by a chat bot, all day every day.

What's in it for you?

You have been successful in doing your work just fine without any chat bots. Why change and adopt virtual front desk assistants?

Decrease work interruptions

Any question, no matter how routine, requires work to stop in order for an answer to be provided in a timely manner. In addition to this, answering the same question over and over gets old even for the most patient.

Facebook Messenger

The public and many clients like to use Facebook Messenger for communication. Our assistants can be placed both in a bubble on your website as well as responders to messages sent on your Facebook page.

No Coding Required

No coding will be required in order to configure the assistant and the installation on your website and Facebook page is very easy and simple.

Why will the public love it?

In addition to decreasing interruptions and opening new communication channels, the use of virtual front desk assistants will improve the experience of your clients and the public.

All Day Every Day

The chatbot assistants are available at any time of day, weekends and holidays, at the users' convenience.

Instant Responses

If the answer to a request is available in the knowledge base, it is provided to the user without delay.

No Search Required

Users will be able to ask exactly what they need instead of having to find it on the website or other places online.