Acquire more leads

Better search engine ranking, more positive reviews and lead acquisition from multiple channels is a natural consequence of using chat bots.

Convert leads to happy customers

Great customer experience created by instant 24/7 availability, instant answers to common questions and dialog based ordering experience leads to lower bounce rate and higher conversion.

Improve efficiency and reduce costs

Chatbots alleviate interruptions and increase productivity by automatically resolving common customer support queries. Our software and templates provide for easy, hands-off management of the bots.

Tailored for Tours & Activities operators

Customer acquisition, low direct bookings and customers requesting prompt responses are challenges commonly faced by operators. Our chatbots are uniquely positioned to alleviate these challenges.

Lead Generation

Introducing more people to your service is your primary growth engine.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines use a multitude of factors to determine the quality of web pages and decide on their ranking in the search results. While the exact recipes for calculating the ranking are closely guarded secrets, one of the known factors taken into account is the dwell time. The more time visitors spend on your website interacting with the chatbot and being engaged, the higher the dwell time. Everything else being equal, the improved dwell time will lead to higher quality, higher ranking website.

Reviews and Reputation Management

After your customers attend the tour or activity, the chatbot can present them with a survey. If they indicate they had a good experience, they can be asked to provide a review on a third party site like yelp, trip advisor, google, etc. The availability of a higher number of positive reviews of your business will bring more visitors.

Access to Multiple Channels

Chatbots can be a contact point of multiple channels. A chatbot can be placed on your website. A chatbot can be embedded on a landing page as a part of an email campaign. A Facebook messenger bot can handle requests from your Facebook page and be used as a target of Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns.

Higher conversion through great customer experience

A great customer experience starts long before the tour. It starts from the very first moment that the customer interacts with your business.

Instant Replies to Frequently Asked Questions

Visitors don't like to read FAQ pages. However, they will not to book unless all their questions are answered and all their objections are addressed. Chatbots are available to answer any question, 24/7, regardless of the location of the visitor.

Booking guide

Our chatbots guide the customers through step by step, simple ordering process. There is less overwhelm for the customers, which reduces abandons and increases the possibility of booking. The booking guide sequence will choose the best tour based on the size of the group, their pricing constraints, age, physical fitness, preferences, and any other conditions that can influence their choice. The guide will also check availability and collect payment when integrated with the supported booking systems.

Lead Nurture by Outreach

Chatbots can actively reach out to customers with information about your services, special offers or reminders if they started but did not finish a booking. Chatbots have significantly bigger response rate than email.

Showcasing your Reputation

As part of the conversation, the chatbot can quote existing reviews and link out to other online reviews in order to increase conversion.

Appear Modern and Easy to Deal With

Chatbots are a novel, more convenient way to communicate with customers. Customers love self-service and exploring at their own pace. Having a chatbot will set your business apart and show them your intent to make the experience easy and pleasant. With proper copy, your chatbot can give the customers feel for your brand long before they show up for the tour.

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Focus on what you love to do - expose your customers to amazing experiences - and leave the details and minutia to the chatbots.

Customer Support on Autopilot

The majority of visitors have one of less than a 100 common questions. They can be answered by the bot automatically. When setting up the system you will be to specify the answers to these questions, and change them later at any time. If the bot can not answer a question, it will engage a human operator.

Simple Setup and Operation

Our bots will not require editing of endless flowcharts. Setting up and operating the chatbots is performed through simple, easy to understand interfaces. No prior chatbot development experience is required.

What is the customer experience like?

We prepared a short video showcasing a possible customer experience for a fictional tour operator called Adventures In Pleasant Bay. You can watch the annotated video here:

YWe also have several live demos with chatbots. The links below would take you to sample sites with the chat bots available at the bottom right of the screen.

Almost ready!

Like what you see? We are currently testing our platform with select early adopters and will be releasing it for wider availability soon. In order to gain priority access, please join our list below.